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The existence of God, identify their strength and weaknesses

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The existence of God, identify their strength and weaknesses


Since the inception, there are many arguments about the existence of God. Both believers and non believers argued numerous times on numerous platforms on the existence of God. There are many doubts and there exists many proofs about the existence of God.

It is the most important step in opening the mind of faith. It is the basic pillar which incorporates all the further beliefs and revelations. There are many aspects of about the existence of God, the believer always think in a way that there is a God who operates all theactivities taking place in this universe . On the other hand there are disbelievers who say that there is no God and this world came into existence due to some scientific reasons, and they are of the view that every activity which takes place in this universe is by some scientific reaction.

In the very same aspect of existence of God, the traditional arguments presented by kantand hume were ignored. But the work on this has started again, and they have been working steadily to revamp the arguments. According to Stephen1 some of these arguments are of the atheist view. There was a movement run by theologian karl barth, the movement was named as "back to God movement" and the fact was realized by Norman Malcolm that Barth's work would revive the arguments and after Malcolm's recognition the philosophical world was shocked in 1960s.

After this brief concept about the existence of God, there comes two aspectsin believers, after believing in existence of God, one has to follow a religion.It will automatically give birth to another argument. Moreover, anotherconcept is very important to be discussed. That the concept of God is not like a man on a throne, but it's a divine aspect. According to William2 the great theologians of different faiths like Christian, orthodox church, and the supporters of this kind of theologians are of the view that God does not fall in any class but thetheory about this class is above all and God is a divine entity. (Paul Tillich,John McQuarry, believe, as Timothy Ware (The Orthodox Church , New York: Pelican, 1963) quoting St. John of Damascus says). Another theologian is of the view that "The ground of being."( Tillich says God is). These are more or less same concepts.

Arguments on the existence of God

There are several arguments regarding the existence of God, there are thosearguments which cover both: point for existence of God and Points against theexistence of God. And both of these should be discussed to draw out and analyze the conclusion.

The Argument from Change

This world of material is also known as the world of change. A boy came to be 5'6”, but he was not always that height. The growing of a tree, rising of sun and there are many other examples of change. This process of change leaves a question with ...
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