Arab Blackberry

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Arab Blackberry

Arab Blackberry

Explain the Arab Blackberry through the concepts of customer needs wants and demand.

No other smart phone has been able to associate itself with the corporate world; in the way blackberry has successfully stringed it with the corporate world. However, in the recent years there has been an increase in its demand not only from the business sector but people belonging to other sectors as well. However, Blackberry in the Arab world tends to stand on different grounds and has been doing well in the Arab world as well. In the Arab world, Black Berry has also been able to strengthen itself based on the grounds of good media utilities; but it remains quintessentially an executive phone. Even if you look at the most popular Blackberry apps in its service store, you can easily see that they are mostly job oriented professional tools. With a full QWERTY keyboard and a tough, yet sensitive track pad, Blackberry messaging services are much more powerful than on other contemporary mobiles in the market. Instant messaging on the BBM allows fast and secure data transfer under a 256 bit encoding that ensures privacy (Connell 2009, p. 36-45).

The BIS system also provides powerful Internet connectivity (Gardner, 2008). As they allowed unlocked phones to enter the market to compete with Nokia; Blackberry's messaging prowess boosted their sales in large consumer markets like India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. West and north European countries also have a high concentration of Blackberry users. The reason for which corporate companies find Blackberry more efficient and reliable especially in the Arab world is mainly because of the high security protocols. With an encryption that is yet to be broken, and a solid bug free OS, RIM is dominating the mobile telephony market for executive usage. Companies give Blackberry phones to their executives to ensure that there is strict secrecy and constant communication. Security breaches and corporate spying is a very serious concern for any company. Their reputation, business management, and market policies are at stake because of unsecured networks and Internet infiltration. Executives prefer Blackberry over other phones because they are more business oriented. While the more common Android OS and IPhone concentrates on making entertainment and media on their phones better, Blackberry apps help your in office work. Both paid and free applications are available in the app store (Sweeny 2009, p. 26-45).

Analyze at least two existing and two potential customers segments for the Arab Blackberry.

Arab Blackberry tends to attract the corporate world as cited in the text of the paper, plus more executives are being pulled into the fold of blackberry. Although it took a while for the Blackberry to realize that the development of applications too is very necessary when it comes to the stretching its market. Due to its messenger blackberry recently have been able to enter into the markets of the youngsters, who intend to use phones while on the go. Who love to text with their friends and family members while ...
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