Are Homeopathic Remedies Effective In Treating Asthma?

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[Are Homeopathic Remedies Effective in Treating Asthma?]



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Research Question

Are homeopathic remedies effective in treating asthma? Abstract

Complementary and alternative remedy (CAT) is progressively well liked with patients and health-care providers. In the western societies an expanding number of patients with asthma and allergy combine conventional and CAT. But health-care provider's knowledge about the different treatment models applied within the conventional health care system and alternative treatment is generally poor. 'Remedy model' encompasses comprehending of infection, diagnostic approach, treatment methods and anticipated consequences of treatment. Different remedy forms represent different social buildings of understanding. We present a conceptualization of general practitioners' (GPs) and classic homeopaths' (CHs) perceptions of their treatment forms in patients with asthma and allergy. This is a first stage of a study task conducted in Denmark to study prerequisites for connection building between conventional and alternate therapists. The research questions were: How do the GPs and the CHs recount their treatment forms for asthma and allergy? What are the dissimilarities and similarities between the remedy models? Is there an ordered attachment between the constituents of the GPs and CHs remedy models? Six GPs and 11 CHs took part in semi-structured interviews. The major difference is in the GPs and CHs descriptions of the reason of treatment.

Table of Contents


Background of the study9

Research Aims and Objectives10


Theoretical considerations12


Understandings of asthma and allergy13


Differences and likenesses between the GPs and the CHs diagnostic approaches19


Differences and likenesses between the GPs and the CHs in their alternative of treatment21

Expected effects of treatment22

Adverse reactions23

Differences and likenesses between the GPs and the CHs in anticipated effect25


Results of literature seek and analysis31

Balance of evidence: placebo-controlled trials32

Balance of evidence: relative trials33


Quality of released tests in homeopathy36





GPs and CHs self-critical attitudes48

Are the outcomes of the enquiry legitimate and transferable?49


Chapter 1: Introduction

To sceptics, homeopathy is an archaic and ineffective procedure of remedy that declares an implausible mode of action. In compare, the individual and collective know-how of homeopathic practitioners tints an assuring picture of its clinical effectiveness. Homeopathy's likely means of action stay intangible ideas, and it will be important ultimately to substantiate these. The principal matters for the present and direct future, however, are if there is convincing study clues that homeopathy actually does use a remedial effect, and if such an effect is remedy-specific. What comprises 'compelling evidence'? Numerous homeopaths are cheerfully maintained by their own thriving clinical experience: 'we know it works, so why do study to verify it?' However, if homeopathy truly enables people attain better health, then it is ...
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