Are We Getting Overly Dependent On Technology?

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Are we getting overly dependent on technology?

We are living in 21st century and now days a majority of the people residing in the world have become excessively dependent on technology. No matter its automobile, cell phones, electronics or even gardening. Since the beginning of the times, records of history have shown that technology has been increasing in dependency and stature. It has offered many salient benefits and advantages to mankind. The forefathers started using technology in the simplest forms for instance hand tools like lever and wheel which overwhelmed them and they started employing it in every aspect of life and ever then they never ceased to use it. As the time passes, we have developed ourselves and brought much advancement in the field of technology. Technology was employed in everything to ease the human work. As a result, our dependency continued to raise so much so that we have become lazy now to do even the simplest task all by our self without using technology. One clear case is of exercise. Since we are not willing to go for a walk or jog, we have developed treadmills that forced us to continue working out for the specified period of time. At the same time, no one can deny many greatest advantages that have been extended as a direct outcome of technology.

Internet and wireless telephony technologies are just examples which are taking us over. These advancements in the field of science have abridged the communications and made it possible to make our world as a global village. They have enabled mankind to take the communication to an entire new level. Many points can be raised in against of such technologies. Is it really worth because it has directly resulted in the reduction of face to face communications between two people. People are reluctant to say anything directly. In fact, a study shows that many people say things to others on SMS which they would have never been able to say directly on face meeting. On the other hand, the same technologies have detrimental impact on other fields like art and literature. Nowadays, people tend to ignore grammatical rules and correct spellings for their own ease which has culminated into new form of digital literatures which includes lol, ur, omg, etc.

It is not just a few people; in fact everybody who got hands on some technology tends to rely on ...
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