Art And Its Forms

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Art and Its Forms

Art and Its Forms


The art is a human activity, the product of this activity or the idea that it will be done deliberately targeting sense, the emotions and the intellect. We can say that art is the essence of man, which distinguishes in the type, and that this activity does not clearly defined functions.

Indeed, the definition of this concept varies widely at different times and places, and none of them is universally accepted. Thus, to Marcel Mauss, "a work of art, by definition, is the object recognized as such by a group.”That is why the collections of artistic productions can be classified and valued differently in different cultures, the authors and institutions.

In Europe since the late eighteenth century, the term covers mainly the products of so-called " fine arts "such as sculpture, the painting, the architecture, the graphic arts, also the music, the dancing, the poetry and literature. It is added since, among other things, the kitchen, the cinema, the theatre, the photography, the comics, the TV or the digital art. The classification of the arts is not universal and seek a unanimous classification seems impossible or an anachronism.

This conception of art as work independently, as production by artists of objects that we agree to find beautiful, following a decision of taste, date between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. However, it is often assumed that the modern art and contemporary abandoned the idea of beauty or style timeless for what appears to be, very generally, the principles of transgression or breaking (Richard, 2008).

Discussion and analysis

Classification of Art

Art means creative reflection, reproduction of reality in images.) Exists and is developing as a system of interconnected species diversity, which is due to the versatility of the (real world that is displayed in the process of artistic ...
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