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How Important Is Art for Society

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How Important Is Art for Society


No one can accurately explain what art is and how important it is, since it has always been difficult to give precise definitions concerning art, and today it is even more difficult. Art has its own importance in the society, which affects the individual directly or indirectly depending upon the nature of art. For some people artists are very important and they respect them a lot. These people believe that as long as art does not disturb the good society, it is healthy in different ways. Indeed, art has no value defined, yet the artists toujors been estimated, and the most valuable that we have are works of art. So what is the function of art?

The artist always offers a reading world celuici ens deceive many complex, lush and messy to be apprehended as a whole. The artist traces the paths that link together the most disparate things and make it less coherent. Warning: this is a consistent desire, not a reality. The world continues to be complex, messy and teeming. No artist will not bring never objective response and ultimate.

In doing so, we expanded the art in mind, we continually opens up new perspectives. It feeds, among other things, the scientific and technical advances, but by combining them with old things, it suggests the implications of all kinds, which were not originally envisaged, which has the effect of breaking the frames where thought, for conformity and comfort, tends to senfermer. It is inherently revolutionary, which is why totalitarian regimes always try to force it.

Thesis Statement

Art helps in opening the mind, improve imagination and gives the freedom to express the feelings. Art is to capture dynamic life in a fixed frame; social factors (social crises, crime and education) and individual factors (culture and emotions), can be expressed with the help of Art.


In my opinion art is considered as luxury and hobby of well off people. Even if, the country is going through crises, or has a natural disaster, they want to spend on art. According to my opinion it is not a bad thing to do. The purpose of art is to give pleasure as you get attracted towards it, and then try to get the meaning out of that piece of art. When you try to get the meaning of it- art is playing the role of a communicator and lastly helps you to refresh your mind when you stretch your imagination to understand the full meaning of it. So considering art as the luxury even in times of crises is healthy for any individual so refresh his or her mind.

Art allows you to cultivate new ways of understanding not previously existed, as in the case of aesthetics, theories of art and art history, so open if scenarios to understand what is art, beauty, joy, delight and contemplation we have of this, perimiter formulate categories of understanding and sensitivity in humans to explore ...
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