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Article Critique

Article Critique

Introduction to Article chosen

The article chosen for critique is “Time is best gift for kids at Christmas, say experts” by Beck Vass. This essay would present an analysis on the chosen article and an evaluation of it, based on the developmental theories and concepts incorporated by the writer. The main thematic background of the article concerns evaluating what children actually need and appreciate during Christmas, which is a period of festivity and vacations with family. Christmas is a very prized event, in which the family gets together to celebrate the festival, sharing cheers and joys amongst each other. In this period, family bondage is revoked, and parents tend to know their children well. Spending time with the children in such festivals is a prized activity, that is mostly appreciated and cherished by the children, even long after the festival and occasion is over (Vass, 2010).

Analysis and Evaluation

Christmas is a time for family reunion. It is a time when families get together and celebrate the festivity and the purest form of joys that spring from this particular occasion. The author has elaborated this article on the same grounds. The purest form of joys in life may not come with a price tag. Some joys and pleasures are priceless, but come in handy within everyone's reach. They just need to be recognized and appreciated for they give life, its true meaning (Vass, 2010). The author has developed this background to suggest that children require parents' time and attention on Christmas rather than expensive gifts and other luxuries. The article makes use of viewpoints of different psychologists in evaluating the developmental theories that reinforce children behaviors as they get to spend more time with their loved ones. This “time” and “attention” serves to be even more cherishable than all the prized gifts that parents may or may not be able to buy for them.

Since time immemorial, Christmas is a season of spreading joys amongst each other, of caring, sharing and giving. It is associated with spreading love and compassion, and of family bonding that is the root of all morals at home. However, a large number of people do not get ample of time to spend with their families, provided their busy schedules. While some of them are too busy with their jobs and other engagements, a vast majority of these people do not spend Christmas with their family because they do not like doing it. This article however, aims to change the perception of parents that their children require their utmost attention and care, being able to spend quality time with them (Vass, 2010).

Reflections on Developmental Theories and Concepts

Children need their parents' time, in quantity and quality. Sometimes we tend to think that when our children leave childhood no longer needs us, and that is a mistake. Teenagers need their parents even more than children. It is true that parents' time with their children is rare in amount, because they already have other interests outside the family ...
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