Critique Of A Journal Article

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Critique of a Journal Article

Critique of a Journal Article


This paper will critique the article which is titled “reflecting on practice: using journals in higher and continuing education”. This paper will critique on the five elements which are research question and problems, literature review, methodology, results and findings, discussion or implications.

This article is about whether students should use journals in their studies for their researches. The purpose of this research was to account on the use of learning journals as sources for hopeful significant response amongst non-conventional students and to contrast variances with studies among conventional students. An objective of the study was to understand how adult students in a 'technical' computer class responded to the requirement for learning journals. Qualitative research focused on whether learning journals prove to be an effective teaching tool in science-based, adult learning. The study was conducted at Columbia University's Computer Technology program in Continuing Education. The author of this article is Arthur M. Langer and it was published in 2002 in Columbian University.

Critique on Research Problem and Statement

The research question of this study is “how using journals for education has impacted the process of learning of older students on the latter category and how it has impacted other compared to that former category of the students”. The research question of every study should be clear and concise; the question which has been addressed in this study is how students use the research libraries to facilitate themselves in their studies. Basically it is a comparison between those students who were not using libraries before and those who are using the libraries in their education. This question is clear and precise but it could have been more concise. This question addresses the problem and gives a clear picture about the issues ...
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