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Article Critique

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How the Professional Journal Article that is Selected Defends Its Opposing View from the Original Article

Both the articles that are selected talk about the memory retrieval. The professional article presents the view that when glucocorticoids are high then it becomes difficult to retrieve memory (Ulrike, Flurina, Tanja and Jan, 2010). On the other hand, the original article presents the idea that men with high level of depression face difficulty or it become hard for them to retrieve memorized things. The hormone glucocorticoid is one of the hormones that plays its part in depression but is not only hormone. So, on this basis it can be said that the point of opposition in the two articles is that of hormone glucocorticoid. In the professional journal article, the point of memory retrieval is defended with the aid of experiment that is done by elevating the level of glucocorticoid (Ulrike, Flurina, Tanja and Jan, 2010). There is a proper and systematic way to check the level of glucocorticoid but checking depression level through a systematic way is not possible so this is another point of difference between the two articles.

Biases, Slants in Opinions, and Any Other Errors in Logic That Are Presented In the Articles

In the article that is selected from journal presents biasness in two ways, First of all it presents the findings by performing experiment or by influencing the level of glucocorticoid (Ulrike, Flurina, Tanja and Jan, 2010). The biasness is here that only one hormone that is glucocorticoid is taken into consideration. There can also be other hormones involved that may affect the ability of memory retrieval. Second biasness that can be observed in the journal article is that it presents information about effects of elevated level of glucocorticoid among men (Ulrike, Flurina, Tanja and Jan, ...
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