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Article Report: Justice Fellowship _ Three Key Issues


The paper talks about a platform that is being established for the promotion of equitable and true meaning of justice in the society_ Justice Fellowship. It has an aim of joining hands with all the related stakeholders and serve as a group that work for the betterment of society. One of their initiatives is in the form of key issues that are published for the betterment of the law situation. Three key issues that are discussed in this paper include sexual rape, inmate health and women in Prison. An analysis of their details has also been provided.

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Key Issues_ Justice Fellowship1

Prison Rape1

Inmate Health2

Women in Prison4



Article Report: Justice Fellowship _ Three Key Issues


One of the important factors responsible for the bad health of our community and economy are the crimes. The punishment of a crime affects all the members of the society in some way. A step for the reformation of criminal justice was introduced by Justice Fellowship that promotes the equitable and true meaning of justice in the society. Its sole aim is to repair the injuries that are caused to the community by the consequences of crimes, and maintain a safety and security in the society. It has interaction with the federal and state government officials. One of the great help for them in achieving their objective is to have coordination with the writers and publish articles on criminal justice that helps them in educating people about the need of change. By analysing the criminal reports, recommendations are also provided to the government committees and commissions.

Key Issues_ Justice Fellowship

A number of key issues remain the focus of Justice Fellowship, and the importance that is being provided to them varies from time to time. The three key issues that I am going to discuss includes,

Prison Rape

Over 60,500 inmates were sexually abused by other inmates or the prison staff in the year 2007. (Beck & Harrison, 2007). People generally fail to report such type of crimes because of being under pressure of the threats of abusers. Juveniles are at the most target of these rape crimes. When an inmate is placed in a prison where rest of the people belong to a different race, the probability of the sexual abuse gets increased.

An article by Pat Nolan indicated that, among the juveniles in the custody, 12% of them reported of being sexually abused in the year 2009. (Nolan, 2010). According to the writer, despite the fact that we keep on fighting against the [prison crime, but still we have no idea that it is very common.

The writer mentioned about the Commission of which he was a member, he mentioned that they use to conduct meetings with the victims of these crimes, officials, jail superintendents. A report was prepared on the basis of collected information, and the findings of the report revealed that indeed, prison rape is one of the most common crimes being committed in prisons and ...
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