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Article Review


The paper provides the general comparison of two peer reviewed articles, on the diseases that flow in a chronic manner, called diabetes. The comparison has been put forward in context with the content, method, result of the articles, in relation with the significance of the study. The purpose of proposing the topic of diabetes is that is a disease which is quite common in obese people, and also results from other aspects. The main purpose was to study different articles in order to get the review and the evidence of the emerging disease.

Article Review


The paper aims at defining the comparison between two peer reviewed articles that have been publish, the main topic that have been chosen for this research is related to the disease based study that is diabetes. Two articles have been selected in context of the disease which is related to diabetes. On article has the significance of defining the disease in relation to the exposure in cow's milk, and type I diabetes Mellitus. The article explains the factors, including its main objective on reviewing and evidently proving the clinical evidences that is related to the small period of breast-feeding or early cow's milk exposure to insulin-dependent (type I) diabetes. On the other hand another article which is to be compared explains about the Diabetes Risk and Obesity in Food-Insecure Households in Rural Appalachian Ohio, which has the main intention of examining the possible impacts of food insecurity as people recount to obesity, chronic disease, and overweight, and and makes it evident that there is a call for additional investigation on health status in the United States, and Appalachian region.

Cow's Milk Exposure and Type I Diabetes Mellitus

Analyzing the articles the first article exclaims about the short duration of breast feeding, the research and methods of the related article has been done and completed in context with several linked studies which deals with the type I diabetes in humans and neonatal feeding and . Several researches through Medline and through other sources have been completed, and approached librarians for the medical literature. The articles were also included according to the study design; case studies were also identified in order to determine the sources of the cases. The cases were sought according to countries and the thus, the data varied in each country so was the result. 18 different countries were examined and thus, the result announced was supported in an ecological study which examined the differences in the rate they specified among breast feeding and the type I diabetes (Hertzel, 1994).


The results that have been found during the research is that the ecological and the time-series studies have shown up consistent relationship among the both that is the type I diabetes, and the cow's milk exposure. More over it has been seen that the patients with type I diabetes were less exposed to the breast feeding that is for less than 3 months, and exposed to the cow's milk in their 4th ...
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