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Journal Article Review - Interventions that Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy

Journal Article Review - Interventions that Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy


The article that was chosen for the purpose of this paper was: Interventions that Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy, by Fernando L. Garzon (2005). This paper will seek to provide a brief summary of the article. In addition, the paper will present an identification of the fundamental characteristics of the research process underlying the article. The discussion will come to a concluding note by highlighting how the information learned from the review and analysis of the article will contribute to a potential counseling setting.


The article was chosen because of the fact that the article presented an in depth insight into the subject area. A key strength of the article was that the author chose to present an extensive literature analysis. This clearly contributed to the development of a concrete foundation for the research process. However, this also contributed to an area that comes across as a major weakness of the article. The researchers did not choose to engage in any form of fundamental research. This fact served to contribute to the credibility of the article but weakened the relevance of the article in the process (Garzon, 2005). However, the author chose to take a highly critical approach to the selection of peer reviewed publications for use in research. For this purpose, the author evaluated the information use for its credibility before incorporating it in the research.

The author based their research on the premise that therapists belonging to the Christian faith tend to run into challenges that relate to the usage of the Bible in treatments. The author highlighted that these challenges were observed commonly in cases where the clients held a somewhat orthodox approach to religion. The principle approach followed by ...
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