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Analysis of interview (The Espionage Act: Why Tom Drake was indicted)

Analysis of interview (The Espionage Act, Why Tom Drake was indicted)

An interview is a dialogue in which the person (interviewer), usually a journalist asks a series of questions to another person (respondent), in order to better understand their ideas, their feelings the way they act.

Type of Questions.

Most of the questions been asked in this interview are open ended.

Quality of the Questions.

This interview has presentation, which is brief, but informative enough, it is starting with a brief introduction about the interviewee. The body of the interview consists of questions and answers, and closing of the interview, which is concise. The Questions shows, kindness, and flexibility.


This interview is taken in a place, and with formal appointment. Thus, both the interviewee and the interviewer had time to prepare properly. It has the attributes of a conversation: sensitivity, flexibility, imagination, etc. which are attractive to public.

To a journalist asking questions represent only half of their work. The other half is to answer, and get answers must be also persistent, tenacious, and this has been followed in the bellow mentioned interview. The presentation is brief, but not sufficiently informative. It does not speak of the interviewee, but the main theme of the interview.

The body of the interview consists of questions and answers. Chosen questions, and answers are for the public, and appropriate for the interviewee to transmit their experiences. They are brief, clear and respectful. Closing of the interview is concise. The interviewer presents a summary of the talk and has made a brief personal comment that makes the interview close in a proper manner.

Article Analysis.

Nearly duplicate years prior to 9/11, America's largest comprehension group had recordings of 3 of the al Qaeda hijackers plotting an attack. But the information, performed by the ...
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