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Article Review: Elements in Nature

Review of the Occurrence and Cycling of the Elements in Nature

Most of the elements that are known today are naturally occurring elements. When we talk about elements and their presence on earth the first question that arises in mind is regarding the distribution of these elements on earth. The scientific discovery tells us that the center part of the earth is comprised of a solid core that is mainly comprised of Iron. There is a hot fluid present in mantle which is a layer in the surrounding of the core. This hot fluid comprises of iron, carbon, silicon, sulfur. Out of the 83 elements, there are 12 elements that make up the 99.7 percent of the crust of earth by mass. If we consider the percentage of mass in the constitution of earth's crust then it would be revealed to us that oxygen is an element that is present in higher percentage than any other element. The element that is present in less percentage is manganese. While discussing the occurrence of elements in nature it should be kept in mind that all the elements are not evenly distributed in the earth. Most of the elements occur in the combined form. These elements are also present in the human body. The constituent of different elements in human body can be described in the form of following chart (Nina, 2005):

Usage of the Elements

These elements are very essential as these elements perform various tasks. For example, in human body, these elements are responsible to perform imperative tasks such as growth, metabolism and defense. How these elements are important in performing various functions in human body can be proved by the fact that absence or deficiency of these elements in the human body can cause illness and even it can cause death (Nina, 2005).

Selection of an Element

As the above discussion shows that there are various elements. The aim of this paper is to discuss one element. The element that is selected for this purpose is Chlorine. This paper would analyze an article that mainly discusses chlorine element.

Analysis and Evaluation of the Article

The article that is selected is titled as “The Chlorine Issue”. This article is written by Victor Wigotsky. The article talks about chlorine from variegated perspective. The following part of the paper discusses the review of the article.

Contemporary Relevance Regarding the Element's Availability

First and foremost the ...
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