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The topic of this study is to provide articles critique on three article on “Hurricane Katrina - Aug. 29, 2005.” The first article “Hurricane Katrina: Facts, Damage & Aftermath” was written by Kim Ann Zimmermann, second article titled “Hurricane Katrina History and Numbers (Infographic)” by Karl Tate, and third article “Hurricane Katrina: The Mississippi Story” by Phil Hearn.

Articles Critique


As the title of articles suggest that it is about the natural disaster took place in United States of America. This disaster was the most destructive and deadliest Atlantic hurricane. It is among the top five disasters in the US history and among the sixth strongest Atlantic hurricanes, and refers to the costliest natural disaster.


The article Hurricane Katrina: Facts, Damage & Aftermath provide significant facts, damage and aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina took place in the year 2005. The article reported about 1,836 people died in the hurricane, and reported maximum winds stretched out to about 25 to 30 nautical miles. This article provides relevant background on how the hurricane is formed. Moreover, also take account of hoe federal and state raise hands on each other and placed responsibility of recovery, and Hurricane Katrina turn out to be a political storm (Zimmermann, 2012).

Second article titled “Hurricane Katrina History and Numbers (Infographic)” take in the intensity of Hurricane Katrina, as well as include relevant statistics to support the claims made in the article. The article began with the brief introduction on the Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. Later section takes into consideration the misery faced by the survivors of disaster, such as lack of availability to food and water, electricity failure and so on. This article also makes use of graphical representation to demonstrate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The third article “Hurricane Katrina: The ...
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