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Articles Critique

Articles Critique


This paper critically evaluates the three academic research papers, Al-Twaijry et al (2002), Turley and Zaman (2007) and Al-Mudhaki & Joshi (2004) chosen for their relevance to the proposed thesis, which is the impact of the audit committee on corporate governance and firm performance on Saudi Arabia. The first two articles cover the role and effectivenenss of the Audit Committee in the corporate performance of the organization in the Saudi Arabia while third article studies the role and functions of the Audit Committee in Indian Corporate Governance. The paper identifies the topic of the research articles in the next section while setting the ground for the proposed research. The third section provides a philosophical standpoint of the three articles with relevance to my project and after that research methodology of the selected articles is critically reviewed. In the last section, a comparative review of the theoretical frameworks used to analyze data and the ultimate contribution of each of these researches in relation to my topic has been presented.

Setting ground of the proposed research

The audit committee as a sub-committee that reports the Board regarding the monitoring and evaluation of matters related to audit, financials and internal control system of a company and struggles for continuous improvement of this system. An Audit committee can be composed of both executive directors non-executive directors. The article also identifies that the audit committee may lead to fraudulent activities. It is also the Audit Committee one of the elves's main corporate governance where the Commission and composed of members of non-executive board will be one of its members specialized in the field of accounting as provided for in the list of corporate governance, at least, must also be characterized by the existence of members with high efficiency in the field Financial and accounting. The level of commitment of an Audit Committee are set out in Article 14 of the rules of governance of 94% in 2009 between the Saudi companies is the material relating to the formation of a committee of non-members of the Board of Directors Executives shall be a specialist in financial matters and accounting (Bedard et al, 2004, 13-35). The functions of the several paragraphs of them according to the rules of governance overseeing the internal audit department in the company in order to verify its effectiveness in the implementation of actions and tasks set by the Board of Directors, the study of the internal control system and a written report of its opinion and recommendations on the matter (Abbott et al, 2004, 47-66).

Philosophical standpoint

Al-Twaijry et al (2002), Turley and Zaman (2007) and Al-Mudhaki & Joshi (2004) tend to guide the philosophical standpoint of the proposed research project by providing particular form of ontological and epistemological insight. They briefley examine the role of Audit Committees and investigate the factors affecting the operation and effectiveness of audit committees (ACs), and the relationship between the financial reporting authority and both the external and internal auditors (Turley and Zaman, 2007, ...
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