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Real World Case 3: Harrah's Entertainment, LendingTree, DeepGreen Financial and Cisco Systems: Successes and Challenges of Automated Decision-Making

Real World Case 3: Harrah's Entertainment, LendingTree, DeepGreen Financial and Cisco Systems: Successes and Challenges of Automated Decision-Making

We are now in an environment with the trend of globally development of trade and economy, global share of information knowledge, and global distribution of organizations. This requires managers and decision makers of our companies and governments to take timely decisions in the rapid-changing and far-reaching environment in the first time to minimize the losses and maximize the benefits. While at this time, they are facing many problems, which are complicated, ever-changing and covering different fields. Most of these problems are half-structured or even unstructured. Decision is no longer an individual decision, but usually a group decision, or even a multiparous decision (organization decision). Geographically, decision makers may scatter around the world (for example, some are on their ways of travel). They may choose different time (time zones) to make their decisions in different stages. The information and knowledge for decision-making cover various professional fields and may come from different heterogeneous computing platforms, which are located around the world. This requires that the supported information and Artificial Intelligent (AI) based automated decision support system (ADSS) must be built on the distributed framework and this also the main reason that currently decision-making support systems are not widely and effectively used. Decision Support Systems can be widely accepted and adopted by decision makers only if they are used effectively anytime, anywhere and even in any situations. Presently, .COM companies are developing rapidly. Traditional enterprises are being restructured and reformed to build their own E-Business platforms. Governments are also making their efforts to build EGovernments and perfect the infrastructure. It is this environment, combined with the modern advanced technologies, that makes it possible for information systems and Automated Decision Support Systems to be built on the distributed framework (O'Brien, 2010).

The concept of an Automated Decision Support System (ADSS) is extremely broad and its definitions vary depending upon the author's point of view. An ADSS can take many different forms and the term can be used in many different ways. On the one hand, DeepGreen defined it broadly as "a computer-based system that aids the process of decision making." In a more precise way, DeepGreen defines it as "an interactive, flexible, and adaptable computer-based information system, especially developed for supporting the solution of a nonstructured management problem for improved decision making. It utilizes data, provides an easy-to-use interface, and allows for the decision maker's own insights”.

In the middle and late 1980s, executive information systems (EIS), group decision support systems (GDSS), and organizational decision support systems (ODSS) evolved from the single user and model-oriented DSS. The first part is the integration of model-base system and database system. It is the basic for decision support. It provides supported information for the quantitative analysis (model calculation) of decision-making. The second part is the data warehouse and OLAP, which extracts integrated data ...
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