Film And Television Worksheet

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Film and Television Worksheet


Question no: 1

Primary emphasis of the film


“Terminator”, the movie released in the year 1984 and, it is a science fiction based action movie. The movie is directed by the famous Hollywood director 'James Cameron'. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a role of the Terminator, an assassin who was sent back from the future. In the year 2008, the movie was made a part of the national film registry (Decker, 2009).

Question: 2

Subject matter of the film


The movie is based on artificial intelligence and portrays the extreme aspect of artificial intelligent machines which seek to destroy and exterminate the human race. In a post 2029, era two artificial intelligent machines battle with each other, one protecting the humanity, while the other aimed at destroying the human race.

Question no: 3

Underlying theme of the film


The movie is primarily a science fiction movie and, the underlying subject and theme of the movie was to create awareness among the audience regarding other dark aspect of the advancement of artificial technology and, its potential hazards to the humanity. The movie has explored the theme of artificial intelligence and robotic technology (Hayward, 2004).

Question no: 4

Conflict in the narrative of the film


The source of conflict arises in the narrative of the movie when the artificial intelligent machines start to fight against the human race and try to impose their supremacy on the humans. The conflict resolved after the battle between the two artificial intelligent entities, one supporting the human race and the other seek to destroy it.

Question no: 5

Ethical issues in the film


The movie touched upon the ethical issues regarding the robotic technology and its use. The primary ethical and moral dilemma of the society explored by the movie terminator was to expose the negative side of the intensive artificial intelligence. The story plot of the movie has extensively focused on this ethical and moral issue (Hayward, 2004).

Question no: 6

Cultural values are the film


In 2008, the movie was included in the Library of Congress list of films, recognized as a cultural heritage of the United States. The movie has promoted the American family cultural values in terms of “sacrificing” for each other; the terminator sacrificed him in the greater interest of the humanity.

Question: 7

Trends in the movie which are also common in other movies


The common trends showed in the movie which are commonly found in other movies ...
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