Film Worksheet On The Film Adaptation - The Help

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Film Worksheet on the Film Adaptation - The Help

Film Worksheet on the Film Adaptation - The Help

What is the primary emphasis of the film?

The primary emphasis of the film regards reducing the difference of color and bringing down the differences that have made us indifferent and ruthless towards the treatment of one another. Not only does it narrate the treatment given to blacks, but also displays the agony and the hatred of the black skin in those times.

What cultural values is the film attempting to promote? Do you agree or disagree with those values? Explain your answer.

The film attempts to promote the values of acceptance and consider human beings as equal to us all. I agree with these values because racial, rather color discrimination is never to be considered a line of demarcation when it comes to treating one another. Not only as per religious deities, but in line of humanity, all human beings have an equal right to life.

What is the surface-level subject matter of the film? Describe the plot.

The Help is an adaptation of a novel by Katherine Stockett. The plot refers to a young poet belonging to the 1960's decides to write a book, narrating and sketching the horrifying and demeaning acts upon the African-Americans maids by the white families. The movie shows how these maids have been surviving their tortures and dealing with their problems (Stockett, 2011).

What trends in this film is also commonly found in other films or shows?

This film narrates and talks about taking your life into a new direction, changes big enough that might take up all life patterns and transform them completely. This trend has been found similar to the movie Precious (2009), portraying and narrating about an illiterate, fat, abused teen girl, who is pregnant makes way to join a ...
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