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I have chosen Hilton Hotels Corporation for this assignment. In this paper, Hilton Hotels Corporation will be discussed in detail in relation with the Human Resource Management. The Hilton Hotels Corporation is one of the leading international companies in the hospitality industry started with a humble beginning in 1919. With an international portfolio of 9 hotel brands that extends to up to 79 different countries worldwide, Hilton hotel corporation has more than 3,400 hotels spanning the globe and approximately 22 million guests across all nine brands which owned by Hilton. However, the hotel has a large amount of human resources; staff should be well-built and well-structured. Hilton over a period of time has built a global brand value. The brand value of Hilton can be said to be the best in the lodging industry. The portfolio of brands that Hilton offers is varied, right from value hotels to high end hotels. They have a diversified brand offering for various segments of the guests (Hilton Worldwide, 2012).

An organization of tourism and hospitality industry typically has a large number of workforces; they need to handle all employees in a proper manner. One person cannot properly handle such a large number of individuals as it will create mismanagement. This will, in turn, create an even bigger conflict for the company. For resolving, this matter in a proper way, the HRM encourages the heads of each department to make teams of not more than 5 to 6 employees. When teams are made, they can be properly guided and can be given individual tasks.

In HR practice there are two main approaches to solve problems for staff behavior. The first focuses on the fact that human resource management includes strategic aspects of the decision problem, including issues of social development. A personnel management mainly refers to the operational staff working. The second approach is based on the fact that the management of human resources is involved in the regulation of issues of state regulation and relations in the field of labor and employment, and human resource management focused on labor relations at the enterprise level.

Hilton Hotels Corporation's Current Approach to HRM

Training Needs Analysis

In this section we are going to discuss about the personnel training in the hotel. The main concern is with the Waiter and staff training which plays a vital role in the hotel atmosphere. The in-house waiter need to be trained well so that the corporate and reality minded business setup can be made. Training has been integral part of the function related to Human Resources for a couple of decades ago. Some people even think that the word development and resourcing' means training. Which is not essentially wrong, however the word development' means to more than just the training needed for the staff. But this perception or believe reflects on how personnel put a special notice on training role.

In many organizations which in our case the Hilton Hotel, training is given to the employee more often than on how the staff and ...
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