Strength Based Assessment For Family

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Strength Based Assessment for Family

Strength Based Assessment for Family


A family is a very significant part of development of individuals. Families can be a factor on how confident and creative one will be. It may also be a deciding factor in rather one will be a leader or a follower. The person that one learns to be at home will reflect on the person they are around their peers and in school. However, of there are problems and conflicts in the family, the children will not be able to develop effectively. To ensure that the family focuses more on their strengths instead of their weaknesses and faults, an effective counseling strategy is used known as strength based assessments. According to research, the strength based assessments are one of the most crucial move towards the identification and realization of the strengths of the families. There are two main purposes of strength based assessments. Firstly, it provides the counselors with an effective tool for assessing the characteristics, competencies and skills of the family memebers. Secondly, it provides the counselors with a reliable and valid technique for assessing the change in the family members after the participation in the strength based programs. In this paper a family has been interviewed on the basis of the strength based assessment questions. From the interview, the strengths and competencies of the family members have been identified which will later assist in the counseling of the family.

Family Interviewed

The father is named Dean (45) and the mother is named Jessica (43). They have two children Stephanie aged 18 and Ronald aged 14. Interviewing this family was an interesting experience. Even though, this family is going through some conflict, however, there are numerous strengths, skills and competencies which have been identified throughout the strength based assessment interview.

Overall Experience

After conducting this interview session with the family, it can be said that my overall experience was quite good. This is said because of the fact that the interview session helped me in learning about the strong bonding that members of the family have with each another, irrespective of the conflicts that exist between them. Moreover, the interview session also provided me with the chance to conduct an interview for the first time and helped in gaining some practical experience in relation to conducting interviews, which will be of real help for me in the future. I realized the importance of family through this interview. Family is a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: the traditional family. The agents of socialization are the persons, groups, or institutions that teach us what we need to know in order to participate in society. Parents are the most significant agent of development, after that the peers of an individual also play a significant role in the development process. Parents also shape who a person is and who they will become. There are many factors on how one is raised that may ...
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