Assessment Of Children In Need And Their Families

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Framework For The Assessment Of Children In Need And Their Families

Framework For The Assessment Of Children In Need And Their Families


The concepts of parenthood, childhood and family life comprise socially assembled meanings that alter considerably as asserted by heritage, time, location and individual family process. Yet there are some universal standards that require be highly regarding and following (Tiziano 2002).

Children who grow up in environments where their developmental needs are not contacted are at an increased risk for compromised health and security and developmental delays. Failure to invest time and resources throughout children's early years may have long period effects on the foster care, health care, and learning systems. Vulnerable children are those deprived children who would advantage from additional assistance from public bureaus in alignment to make the best of their life chances (Olive 2007 ). Four million children reside in families with less than half the mean house income .Among the risk components that have been shown to be affiliated with higher percentages of wellbeing, behavioral or informative adversities in children are: parents' personal or mental sickness, parental matter or alcoholic beverage abuse, marital breakdown, single parenthood and financial handicap. This does not signify that all children in such attenuating components turn out badly, but the possibilities of managing so are higher than mean, occasionally markedly so.

Case Study:

One such example is The heart-wrenching tale of Clareece JonesClaireece Precious Jones, is an obese and illiterate 16-year-old. The subject of personal and sexual misuse at the hands of both of her parents, Precious is imperegnated with her second child, both pregnancies the outcome of frequently being raped by her father. Her mother, an obese woman who hasn't left home some years, carries the two of them with welfare cash and food postage . She obtains additional cash for Precious' first child, "Lil' Mongo," who has Down Syndrome. The school concludes to expel her because she is pregnant. Precious is angry, but the counselor later visits Precious' place and convinces her to go in an alternate school called Each One Teach One. While in the clinic for the birth of her second child, a young man, Precious discloses to a communal employee that her first child is dwelling with her grandmother. The confession directs to Precious' mother getting her welfare taken away and when Precious comes back home with her baby, her mother is enraged and follows her out of the house. Homeless and alone, she turns to Ms. Rain who values all of her assets to get Precious into a halfway home with childcare. Her new natural environment presents her with the steadiness and support to extend with school. With her educator Ms. Rains support Precious' literacy abilities constantly advance as evidenced by her periodical applications, which become step-by-step more logical and are peppered with imagery and similes. With her mind-set altering and her self-assurance increasing, Precious finds herself considering more about having a beau, a genuine connection with somebody ...
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