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Assignment: Why all states are multiethnic?


The history of the United States of America is one of the most interesting of all time, because it can be seen from the different obstacles, difficulties and setbacks for those who have to cross its inhabitants to consolidate what is now the nation most powerful on the planet. Historically, people residing in other parts of the world were fed up because of the resistance they had to face in all hues of life. When the first wave of immigrants started to come to the states, they were mainly looking for Political Freedom, Religious Tolerance, Forced Immigration (Slavery) Economic Opportunity, Some want unconstrained atmosphere, Political Refugees fear for their lives, and Family Reunification. People wanted a better life, job and more money. The present times have witnessed an influx of new immigrants that are students coming from around the world to the United States for higher studies, and remaining here for better opportunities. The cumulative effect of all this is the formation of multi ethic states in the country. A study showed that Diversity is likely to have a modest effect on separation largely, though it does decrease African American isolation especially. Metropolitan regions with superior growth in Asian and Pacific Islander and Hispanic populations witness superior growth in Asian and Pacific Islander and Hispanic segregation, correspondingly, signifying that this populace growth expected to buttresses ethnic enclaves. Gallup survey conducted in 2009 ranked America as the most favorite country for the immigrating people.

Why all states are multiethnic?


If we turn the pages of history, we will clearly observe that Men have always been engaged in migration since the earliest times. The purpose of this immigration differs across time and locations, sometimes people migrated for better economic opportunities, other times it was fear that drove them to new locations where they settled down to protect themselves. Surprisingly, Historical chronicles have always documented such events. Over the times as the population grew mankind segregated into different race and ethnic groups each having its distinct set of values and traditions. When it comes to ethnicity, America is the best example since it entails more than 100 different ethnic groups in it. As a matter of fact, all states within the country, is also multiethnic while other states are dominated by some particular ethnic group.

Race and Ethnicity

Even, though, the two terms are interchangeably used sometimes, there is a very fine line of difference which set them apart. Race relates to the classification of man kinds (mainly their bodies) that perceives analogous in certain ways. The philosophy of race emerged from the view that there were native biological distinctions between people of diverse geographical background and skin colors. On the other hand, ethnicity relates to the culture which prevails within a group. It includes common traditions, languages, foods, etc. A common example would be comparing African who has been living in states for decades to those who have recently ...
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