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Assignment 9b

National Incident Management System (NIMS)

NIMS tend to work for making people aware of circumstances they may come across in the happening of any unfavorable disaster. NIMS make people understand how to cope up when something like accident or a natural disaster happens (NIMS, 2008).

There is an Incident Command System which is meant to deal with issues specifically referring to the Medical Unit and medical services. The main items that make up an Incident Management System are;


Getting involved in Incident Action Planning is the basic motive of logistics. Logistics department help for gaining things like Information technology/information services, provision of food and water for staff, provision of supplies, transportation services, documentation etc.


Materials management in health care industry refers to applying patient centered approach in managing the inventory. Materials management functions an important part in providing effective health care by in contact with three vital factors of healthcare sources used in the hospital viz. availability, safety and affordability. Timing, patient safety and cost are the few elements to focus in this regards.

Personnel Credentialing

Credentialing health care personnel is extremely important. In order to ensure quality service is being provided, everyone from medical practitioner to staff members need to gets the credentials verified.

Emergency Operation Center

In order to deal with emergency situations, a complete set up of emergency operation center is developed with a unique field operation system.

ICS 206, Medical Plan

It is a plan developed for the medical operations including everything from incident medical aid situation to the availability of transportation.

Implications in Conjunction to NIMS

NIMS is specific in terms of its obvious objectives i.e. to provide health care facilities in times of incident and disasters. Predicted shortages in breastfeeding, epidemiology, and the scientific sciences will impact crucial primary group health and fitness abilities. Versions in the opportunity and level of formal group health and fitness training and the lack of specifications requirements limit the cohesiveness of the Nation's group health and fitness workers and its ability to offer in different adjustments (e.g., companies, areas, or states) during an event.

Those who can do so get prepared for the protection of themselves and themselves and have an appropriate and up-to-date healthcare first aid and protection kit that contains sufficient products to allow them to stay safely for several days. Actual and psychological perseverance can help individuals take part, to the stage possible, in their own preserve and offer support to at-risk individuals strenuous extra response support during ...
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