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Part 1

The World Trade Center is considered as symbol of pride for United States and was also named as the "Twin Towers. In the year 2001, the terrorist finally achieved their goal and destroy this building with the help of two hijacked passenger planes. This incident changes the shape of the world and converts world peace into war. This incident leaves some very devastating memories not only on the peoples of United States, but also on peoples lived in other countries such as Israel, Afghanistan, etc.

This assignment includes the interview of a person to understand the condition after 9/11 attacks. This interview also helps in understanding the health issues faced by the peoples just after this terrorist attack. This assignment also includes the points and learning through this interview. After this interview a sketch of that situation can easily be created which is also included in this assignment. In the end of this assignment, key findings is also included.

Part 2


This part is based on the interview of a person who is 42 years old now and faced the consequences and effects of terrorist attacks of 9/11 in 2001. This interview is very helpful in sketching the effects and correct picture of problems and issues faced by the peoples after this incident. It also helps me as a young boy to understand what is the importance of this historic incident in the history of United States? It depends on the questionnaire which helps in retrieving the information about this incident. In addition with this, this interview also helps in understanding the connection between current state of United States and this incident of terrorism.

Types of questions

Where are you when first plane attack world trade center?

Where are you when second plane attack world trade center?

What is the condition of mobile and communication services at the time of 9/11 attacks?

How you see that government of United States take right steps to control the situation right after 9/11?

Is attack of United States on Afghanistan is a right decision and why?

What are the major problems faced by the United States after the 9/11 attacks on world trade center?

What is the condition of security just after the incident of 9/11?

How you can defend the position of United States in Iraq war?

What is the effect of Obama policies on United States?

What do you think that Obama policies on Afghanistan are correct or not? Why?

What types of answers did he or she give?

According to the answers of the person whose interview is taken we can conclude the following:

Small sketch based on the interview

After understanding and listening the story about 9/11 attacks on world trade center of the person whose interview is include I can conclude that this event has much more importance in history of United States as well as in history of world. After this historical event United States with the support of NATO attacked Afghanistan to take revenge from Al-Qaida who is involved in this act according to US government and ...
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