Assignment # 5

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Assignment # 5

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Assignment # 5

Product Levels

There are five product levels which are:

Core Benefits - This level encloses the rationale why consumer buys this product (deodorant) of Arimount. The core benefit associated with the deodorant product is the wetness the product provides to its consumer. The deodorant of Arimount does not block the sweat ducks and allow the perspiration release, but still effective in stopping the odor.

Basic Product - This level of product listed only basic characteristics that a deodorant contains such as pure fragrance and high quality brand perfume. The deodorant stick is a solid deodorant form. This deodorant does not cause a rash and is useful for sensitive skin as well.

Expected Product - This product level include almost everything that consumer expect from a deodorant will have. Customer expects wetness with a good fragrance from a deodorant. Since, everyone wants to experience freshness with a good smell rather than being sweaty or having a bad smell (Chen & Liu, 2004).

Augmented Product - This level of product include some differentiation and competition of today is going on this level. The product differentiation is the long-lasting nature of the product, as it provides dryness up to 5 days to its consumer because of new chemical. However, the chemical is not at all harmful or injurious, although it is quite safe and harmless.

Potential Product - This product level encompasses the future aspect of what will the deodorant will offer in the future. Potential product will focus on health and wellness aspect of a deodorant, as well as emphasize on aspect of lifestyle of individual consumers. This does not mean that product will not be based on customization, but characterized based on groups' common characteristics.

Pricing Objective

The price objectives of Arimount's deodorant ...
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