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Internet Identity Theft


The advent of computers has changed the nature of the problems posed by the notion of privacy. While computerization of data has been generally regarded as progress, it has also been accompanied by threats related to opportunity to any person or authority established to have uncontrolled access to information for many citizens. Traditionally, protection of privacy based on the erection of legal barriers (e.g. Data Protection Act) and technical (encryption). In the case of Internet, the obfuscation completes this arsenal .

For years, there is much talk of economic identity theft, that is to say, these fraudsters who manage to steal enough personal information about people and then impersonate them and spend on behalf of their victims. What makes the news less, however, and yet is more common on the Internet is the primary identity theft, that of the name, the public image. Whether through an email sent on behalf of someone else, a message left on a bulletin board under a false identity or, again, a chat session under the identity of another user. At first glance this may seem trivial, but more closely, this type of crime can cause many problems.


The two most recent victims of this type of hoax, the perpetrators are well known to the world of publishing and television, Nelly Arcan and François Avard are both victims of this type of identity theft on the service (Goldman, 66).

At first glance, however, one could imagine were there, after all, the Internet, most of the big stars are present in one form or another in the universe MySpace. Whether the emerging artist who wants to make a name, the agent who wants more visibility for the artist or record company that wants to do viral marketing on the Web. In all three cases, they are there to talk to them, keep in touch with the public and announce their next projects (Goldman, 66).

But Arcan and Avard, the thing is quite different, since neither one nor the other has chosen to be present and even less to keep a journal to keep in touch with the cyber world. More annoying still, in the case of Nelly Arcan, the latter flatly right to defamation and interference with his image. Imagine the scenario where a foreign journalist or contact Arcan Avard by these fake sites and do an interview via email, ultimately, the journalist is entitled to an interview given by an imposter, not the author.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in high-tech countries. In 2007, the California city of Napa had 300 complaints per 100,000 inhabitants of the city, with the most complaints of identity theft in the USA (ibid).

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