Australian Healthcare System

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Australian Healthcare System

Australian Healthcare System


Australia health care system is very complex which comprises of public and private hospitals together with various insurance companies to fund the cost .In other words Australia is amongst the top developed countries in the world where the health care system is state of the art. Each year around 10.8% of the total Australian National budget is allocated for the health Sector. That is the reason Australia has a high level of life expectancy which is around 81% (World Health Organization, 2008). In 2007 Australia had 642 Public hospitals and 265 Private hospitals. This turned into 2.6 public and 1.2 private hospital beds for every 1000 people (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2008).Not all the patients receive medication and treatment in hospitals but many a great receive at home through nurses etc.


Clients Age above 65 years

The clients in this category are old and need special treatment. To improve the client safety of this group, I have found some factors and then designed my strategy to counter that issue. The first thing to note is that most of the client in this category is living alone. Thus they face many problems like Safety problem, depression issues, medication issue, and respect problem and the patients' likeness and un-likeness to certain things.

Safety problem which the patient can face is that, many a patients require some support to stand up. They may use stick or other things for that purpose. But many of the client's uses bed or other furniture for support .Thus it can result in injury for them .So measures should be taken by the nurse to make the patient understand the criticality of the issue and make them use proper items for it.

Many of the patients suffer from depression. This is mostly caused by loneliness or some bad experience in their life. Thus these old patients are in severe danger of increased depression. For this reason the Nurse should properly administer the client, give him or her due importance and try to help the patient overcome the depression (Vasconcelos ET all 2012). It's all about making them happy and forgets their bad past. The patients of this age cannot take the medication themselves, they tend to forget the medicines or there are many other issues. Thus the nurse should make a time table for them which guide them about the pill timings.

The Patients of this group are old. They are very much concerned about their self respect and dignity. Thus maximum effort should be taken by the nurse to give them their due respect at all time. The nurse should also keep in view the likeness and the unlikeness of the client .So the nurse should be well aware of the old people needs. For e.g. some patients can take pills while the other is allergic to pills they prefer syrup instead. Thus these needs of the clients are to be addressed by the nurses.

Clients taking multiple medications

Many of the clients in this ...
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