Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

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Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin


Benjamin Franklin was an inhabitant of the thirteen English colonies from modest and at the end of his life, became a historical figure globally recognized and admired. Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is an influence to every generation in the American society, after more than two years of enduring inspirational Masterpieces; it contains insights of life of the struggles and successes of the extra ordinary human that was gifted in many ways.

History knows Benjamin Franklin as a scientist, inventor, political and public figure who also served as an Ambassador to France. Moreover, the man has his signatures on the Declaration of the independence and more importantly, his portrait can be seen on the dollar bill, which exists as a part of our daily life (Franklin, 1794). Moreover, Benjamin franklin had his abilities to attract the overall happenings in the society, which led major contributions , as the of the revolutionary changes in the American war (Foner, 2012, pp. 129).


The paper is precisely focused to analyze the discussion based on comparing the two versions of the U.S history. One that is associated with the time of Benjamin Franklin that is renowned all over the world due to the immense development in that period, more importantly due to the measures that Franklin presented to the society that engaged Americans and the society to achieve betterment. The other phase is the current phase, which will be under analysis through comparing the two periods and what can be learned about U.S history from the autobiographical account of Franklin's life (Carey, 1790, pp. 12).

Unlike the currently in vogue and abundant literature of self-help, whose advice is generally based on almost magical formulas or shortcuts, Benjamin Franklin preached sacrifice, hard work, the economy, frugality and continuing education as causes for success or individual prosperity and collective.

The basic idea of Franklin was that no matter 'who you are', with hard work and saving, an individual could achieve prosperity and greatness through the identification of the 'American dream'. Franklin comes to various collective enterprises, including a club of mutual improvement. Franklin was in England when he wrote his autobiography in the form of a letter to his son William, who was in the U.S at that time. He interrupts his autobiography because of the American Revolution, the War of Independence of the United States. In 1784, in Passy, a suburb of Paris, serving entreaties of admirers who read the first part of his memoirs, takes the trouble to write them, now no longer the son who, incidentally, took the side of the English) but the world. Unfortunately, he died before it concludes.

The impact and influence of the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin upon learning of the first part of the autobiography of Franklin, Abel James wrote to Franklin urging him to finish the story of his life. He argued that the influence of this class wrote about the spirit of the young men as a very large and seemed nowhere as evident as in the ...
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