Aviation Maintenance

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Aviation maintenance shift turnover


How important is the shift / task turnover aircraft maintenance? Let's look at a historical analysis of accidents, changes in safety culture helped to aircraft maintenance. Plane crash Britt Airways Embraer 120RT, N33701, who, as Continental Express Flight 2574 crashed in Eagle Lake, Texas, Sept. 11.1991 as a result of structural separation in flight, killing all 14 people on board.

Aviation maintenance shift turnover


Aircraft maintenance work includes inspection and repair of aircraft structures, coatings, and systems in warehouses and on the airfield. Good training and work practices to ensure that aircraft and the safety of workers.

The large, heavy aircraft make it difficult to understand the people on the ground and maneuver into the hangar and maintenance area. Check out the trapped operator of the aircraft / crush injury (whether it is working on a tire or hitting a wing or tail) to communicate to avoid (Layton, et al., 1992). Never give Flight line ramp or without the permission of the controller box of air.


Work at a steady rate. Rushing your work has increased handling and aircraft accidents. To avoid falling, look for land line aircraft. Well lit areas are safer. Look sharp leading edges, such as wing and have antennae, sensors, and "Remove before flight" flags that stick out from the plane. A collision with a hard, sharp surfaces or protrusions causes bumps, bruises and cuts.

Stay in the colored lines and the dangers to stay away from the plane "properties sheet. Contact with the propeller, rotor, or exposed rotating parts can cause serious injury. Keep your hair bound back and avoid loose clothing and jewelry to prevent entanglement with moving parts. Do not lean on or place your hands or feet near field noise (Johnson, 1996). Protect your tools and garbage collected in the vicinity of the engine. When the engine is running, you can get a serious injury, or small objects can be turned into bullets.

Tall aircraft require ladders, platforms, scaffolding and achievements in their work. Follow Head of Security Policy. Use safety fall protection is required to use. You may have to work in tight spaces when performing maintenance of aircraft. Velocity of the aircraft in remote areas and tasks with a limited release and the subsequent procedure is limited to space if needed.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident report:

It is obvious that the events of maintenance and inspection N33701 night before the accident were directly causal to the accident. Some mistakes were made by those responsible for the airworthiness of aircraft. Safety Board believes that the causes of errors and a general failure to ensure that are more complex, and not just single failure of each individual compound. Consequently, the safety analysis of the Council of maintenance and inspection program of work focuses on the systemic causes of the accident, and the specific errors made by the victims.

The Security Council finds that the approved procedures in the General maintenance does not mean that the service is top of the screws that ...
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