Commercial Aviation Maintenance Monitoring

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Commercial Aviation Maintenance Monitoring

Commercial Aviation Maintenance Monitoring



Safety has primarily become a major concern in the society today because nothing is more precious than the human life. Unfortunately, accident reports shine the cold, hard light of hindsight on the demanding business of making just the right judgment in aviation. Aviation safety is an aspect on which the thoughts of the maintenance personnel rest. Aircraft safety depends on how efficiently the maintenance procedures are carried out and so the maintenance force is hired to ensure the best work for safety in the aviation industry. A well -developed aircraft maintenance system is one of the key elements contributing towards the enhancement of aviation safety. Today, the world is a modern place and technology has reached tremendous heights especially with the use of computers. Computerizing aviation maintenance can do such as delivering solution, repetitive processes, ordering part, defining task, managing schedule and so on. (Gwynne, 2008)

Through computer usage a maintenance system needs to be developed that functions considering the following aspects: Accident Prevention like based on detailed analysis of the recurrent causes of accidents, prevent accidents before they happen through appropriate, targeted, systematic interventions in the aviation system. Safety Information Sharing and Analysis: Developing partnerships and communications with the aviation community to share data and information supporting safe, secure aviation.

Certification and Surveillance

Developing new approaches to working on certification, inspection, and surveillance and targeting resources where they will do the most good. An efficient system of maintenance activities can help the maintenance department to reduce cost and save time.

New technology has been applied to the aviation industry in the maintenance department, but the technology has not been integrated on a platform to function as a full one system that works for the whole of the maintenance activities and facilities. It is now time for more sophisticated software to be developed and searched for in the market. (Krugman, 2007) The system being used in the industry stresses quality of maintenance but certain programs do not support the high level of work required to be done by the aviation maintenance technician (AMT). For example, a PDF file, which is developed by Adobe Acrobat Reader Software, is still not fast enough to navigate and search information.

Developed software should be linked to all reference easily. These products are generally in the form of recommendations concerning procedures, scheduling, design specifications, training protocols, and the like. Although our research considers efficiency and effectiveness, our primary concern is for safety. (Leary, 2009) And, although we consider all elements of the operational activity, our emphasis is on results as they impact the system as a whole. Another aspect to be considered is that the mechanics need to be trained for using the latest technology that is the computer technology to keep in pace with the rest of the world.

Technological learning is the ability to use, manage, and understand technology. It involves a vision where each citizen has a degree of knowledge about the nature, behavior, power, and ...
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