Babies Genetic Engineering

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Babies Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering may have some good effects in society today such as finding new cures for diseases and such, but genetic engineering also has a bad side to it. Firstly, with the power of genetic engineering in the hands of a parent, they will be able to decide on whether they would prefer the child to be a male or a female (Flannery). This might sound good to most parents, but it isdangerous to take more and more control of our lives and leave natural births behind. Another bad side to genetic engineering is that the process and the know-how may fall into the wrong hands: therefore, they would be able to do anything with such information, like creating a super-human being (Flannery). Scientist argue the right of having germline engineering (genetically engineering the genes in eggs, sperms or embryo's) used in society (Flannery). They argue that it will be able to be used so parents will be able to avoid passing on genetic diseases on to their child.

There are different types of genetic engineering. These rae as follows:

Natural Selection, nature's own genetic engineering.

Selective Breeding, our success in altering the course of natural selection.

Genetic Manipulation, the current state of the art in genetic engineering.

True Genetic Engineering, the next step.

Playing God! If you're offended by genetic engineering, read what's theoretically possible. Beyond the best genetic engineering we can currently devise is much, much more: the re-engineering of life itself.

Other Bio-technology, Human Cloning and Genetic Engineering Links.

GE is still so new and it's crucial that it develops further . Human genetic engineering is about genetically engineering human beings by modifying their genotypes before birth. The Genotype is the genetic constitution of an individual with respect to a particular character under consideration. This is done ...
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