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Critique of the Bacharach et al study

Critique of the Bacharach et al study


Firefighters are the people who save lives and properties of others without. The history shows us that saving lives of others is not a new concept. These days it is more equipped, organized and protective. Through history, we came to know about the development of firefighter career. Related education and training for this career is necessary because, without knowing the technical aspect of firefighting, it will become impossible for an individual to pursue a career in this field. There are numerous opportunities in the field of firefighters as we have discussed its career ladder, income, and other benefit, which includes handsome salary, as well as future opportunities.

The job of a firefighter is significant to localized and international communities. Ensuring that trained persons are engaged becomes vital for the jobs needed of these individuals. Every promise firefighter places in a large allowance of work; perfectly the pays of the job arrive full around and can convey the firefighter through the tough times.

Summary of Bacharach et al case

Bacharach and Bamberger (2007) conducted a study utilizing New York City firefighters. They explored how different climates had an impact on post hoc psychological recovery. The New York City firefighters qualified as the focus of this study because of their experiences during the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. This event was very devastating and resulted in many having post traumatic stress disorder. However, not all of the NYC firefighters worked at this site. Some of them have no personal experience of the event. Others were affected, not because of the role that they played in rescue that day, but because of the colleagues or other people that they knew who perished or were otherwise negatively affected as a result of that event. This study was a valuable one, adding to the foundation of information that has already been established on post traumatic stress disorder. Bacharach et al, reinforced the concept that employee control climate and supervisory support climates a very helpful in allowing an employee to psychologically recover from a traumatic event. This knowledge is critical to workplaces wherein employees are often at risk for exposure to traumatic events. As well, due to this study, workplaces that offer support services such as employee hotlines are justified. Less unsafe workplace environments should employ some of these concepts as an ...
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