Beowulf As A Hero

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Beowulf as a Hero


In a classic epic, Beowulf, the ideals of conduct are so dear to the Anglo-Saxon people embodies the protagonist in the story, Beowulf (Köberl 226). He was not a hero because of his great accomplishments alone, but also how he behaved in achieving these gains. Beowulf is an example of the ideals of the behavior of a true hero must make yourself.

I believe another pair of virtues that Beowulf is carried out was those of honor and dignity. He shows great honor war epic, but is most apparent when it is in conflict with Grendel. He states Grendel, "so you do not have weapons of iron, should not I." He did it because he wanted to be a fair fight and the sword would be unfair and, since Grendel had no weapons, but his bare hands, Beowulf followed suit and two involved in the fighting with his fists. Beowulf lives, fights, and, especially, is dying with the same dignity that made him great in the first place. He always told his followers that they should not engage themselves in helping "Beowulf" for it would be unfair to the opponent(Baker 306). He also gave all he had to Wiglaf, one of his true followers, in his dying moments. As indicated in the above case, Beowulf was a man of honor and dignity, which can be viewed as the devil alone.

Another pair of virtues that have made a big Beowulf was those of courage and loyalty. Ask a question: Who among us would be willing to oppose a monster whose sole purpose is to fight to eat you? Beowulf did? Several times! This shows his great bravery, courage, more than any ordinary person. Beowulf is not only won the man-eating monster, but also killed his mother and his friend, the Dragon.

After he had killed Grendel, he went back fifty years to a very old age, when the Danes were oppressed, this time from the dragon. He gave his life to the struggle to uphold their word. That is loyalty at its finest.

Beowulf is a hero, known far and wide over the virtues and ideals of conduct that made him who he was. Great and mighty battles victories do not make a complete hero, these six and many other advantages make the hero, who he was. Beowulf is a great man, known far and wide for his heroic qualities, ...
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