Bilingual Education Controversy In The Usa

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Bilingual Education Controversy in the USA

Bilingual Education Controversy in the USA

The educationalists who are not in the favor of bilingual education are in reality against to certain practices (e.g., unsuitable placement of learners ) or are against to the rules associated with bilingual education (e.g., compelling teachers learn another language to sustain their profession).  (Incetas, et.,al, 2011) The ELLs” use of native language in the classroom never interrupt with the English language learning. However, it has been proposed that in the early period of education, first language use has an optimistic result for the bilingual student.

The usual trends of growth in foreign population show that a time will come when a majority of native citizen will be the minority language speakers. (Crawford, 2008a, p. 10). Nonetheless, the issue of language learning has been hardly ever simple or clichéd; considering the increasing diversity of children all around the globe. (Dyson & Genishi, 2005, p. 15). Moreover, language growth depends on the willingness of the majority, it is never an unbiased standard that flourishes independently into the personal property of the individual who inherit that language. (Bakhtin, 1934/1981/2000, p. 278). Furthermore, there was an unconscious overlooking given to the minority language in the USA, as a result, the home language of those learners who are non - native speakers of English have been losing its existence.

According to the socio cultural perception “the natural environment for humans is comprised of society and culture and nothing more”. (Lantolf, 2007, p. 32). Vygotsky's (1978) socio cultural theory emphasizes that there is a central area of proximal development (ZOPD hereafter), a space “between the actual growth level which is the ability to solve problem independently; and the level of prospective growth which is the ability to solve problems under the supervision of the adults or ...
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