Book Review: “psychology, Theology & Spirituality In Christian Counseling”

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Book Review: “Psychology, Theology & Spirituality in Christian Counseling”

Book Review: “Psychology, Theology & Spirituality in Christian Counseling”


This book report is written with an objective to provide the 4-Mat review of the book written by Mark McMinn with the title of Psychology, Theology & Spirituality in Christian Counseling. Mark McMinn (1996) in his book provided with a view that it is very necessary for the Christian counselors to be competent in the psychological methods that have been recently introduced as well as have the knowledge about the religious concepts. In addition to it, they should also possess the characteristic of spiritual maturity. If a counselor has all three disciplines, they will be in a position to well address the elements of prayer, sin, revelation, compassion, tolerance and scripture. The healing model that is put forth by Mc McMinn starts with a healthy sense in relation to one's own self, moves into the phase of needs resulting in a healthy relationship of a person with his Creator and all other human beings.

The client can be saved from all the risks if the praying is done for them both in and outside of the counseling sessions. It will be helpful for them. However, the concept of open prayers can have both beneficial and harmful characteristics. The positivity reveals that the client will learn the method of prayer and will be more close to God. On the negative side, clients may feel themselves to be more closed and dependent on the Counselor and thus get a feeling that praying with in the counseling session will be enough. McMinn emphasized that it will become more difficult for the counselor to manage his or her prayer time and maintain an effective relationship with the Lord.

McMinn believed that counseling is rarely marked with the Scripture element despite of the healing potential being hold by them. People are provided with help by the psychologists in order to find within themselves and to rely on their own in order to get solution to the problems. On the other hand, Christian counselors look to God for the solution to problems and take help from the Scripture in order to find the truth. The appropriate use of the Scripture can be identified by the counselor on the basis of the spiritual and mental wellbeing of the client.

In the context of sin, some clients hold a belief that whatever happens in lie is because of their won acts, while some keep on blaming others. The counselor with the help of the concept of original sin which is the inborn characteristic of all men can provide hope to the clients who consider themselves responsible for the sin. The personal sin can be emphasized for those who blame everyone else even for their own mistakes and thus can be made redirected towards the Creator. The realization of the sin will make it possible for the client to be in a new relationship with his or her ...
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