Integrative Approaches To Psychology & Christianity

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Integrative Approaches to Psychology & Christianity

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Integrative Approaches to Psychology & Christianity


This paper intends to write a 4-MAT review on the second edition of the book 'Integrative Approaches to Psychology & Christianity' written by David N. Entwistle. This review will provide a response to the reading, lectures and life experiences which helped my ability to interact with new ideas as a learner. This paper will provide a brief summary of the book, concrete responses to the book's learning, reflection of the learning and lastly any action that I will undertake to change my life through the learning of this book.



As the book name depicts, it is related with the theology and psychology. Both, the psychology and theology tends to share similar interests in nature and the activities human beings get involves into. Various issues that are global and philosophical in nature are the basic theme of this book. The book tends to discuss and explore about the natural relationship of psychology and theology. It includes the interpretation of the literature available from the scholar's viewpoint. Further, the book also provides useful insight to the five paradigms about the relationships that exist between psychology and Christianity (David, 2010).

The name of the book depicts that it discusses the various integrative approaches towards how people relate psychology and Christianity. The book intends to help all its readers to establish different approaches in relating psychology and Christianity. The backdrops of pre-suppositional assumptions can be overcome by the understanding of such approaches and making all of us better able to understand the core relationship that the nature has provided between psychology and Christianity. The most appropriate audience of this book tends to be conservative evangelical Christians (David, 2010). The questions at the end of each chapter help the readers to reflect his or her understanding of the concepts.

The author basically is a believer that readers need to engage themselves in such readings which relates to the God's work and God's word. The book tends to work towards the ultimate goal of reaching allegiance to God that must direct every Christian. The author supports the idea of implementing holistic understanding of human nature. The emphasis on dividing Christians and psychologists tends to increase the significance of this book, which is further reflected in the topics selection related to the integration. The author has clearly more focused on providing a Christian viewpoint to the integrative approaches of relating theology and psychology (David, 2010). The author did not focused more on the already established models of relating psychology and theology; rather he emphasized more on integrating such models.

The book has created relationships between psychology and Christianity amongst nations and also provided different names to the already established models like enemies, colonialists and others. Further, stories of integration are also important to understand the basic theme of the book. The author has preferred the approach of allies between science and Christianity. Entwistle did not restricted his writing to only providing different options, rather he tried and ...
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