Integrative Approaches To Psychology And Christianity

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Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity

Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity


The author has established a relationship amidst Christian faith and the discipline of psychology. The author has questioned the concepts from all aspects in order to enlighten the readers about the association that exists between the two schools of thought. The author first questions that whether Christianity and Psychology are at odds with each other. The author describes each school of thought and tries exploring the relationship that exists amidst them based on the premise that “All truth is God's truth” (Entwistle, 2004, p.15). The fact is that regardless of the nature of conflicts and the stakeholders amidst which it is taking place it does not matter which side is closest to the truth. Besides exploring the association amidst the two schools of thought the author also discusses the conflict that exists between the theory of psychology and Christianity. Author further states that scientists and organized religion have been enemies and allies. History has it that churches have said to persecute scientists on questioning the ultimate truth and likewise scientists have termed faithful to lack intellectuality (Entwistle, 2010, p. 16).

Furthermore, it is apparent in the book that Entwistle expands on crucial concepts such as world view and the interpretation. Entwistle is trying to explain that an individual is bound to be biased when it comes to searching for the truth. He tries reasoning that it is mandatory to have an examination of an individual's presuppositions as it aids in determining how an individual develops an interpretation of the world as well as the bible. Further the book tries explaining that science is said to be descriptive of the world rather then it being prescriptive and it is this aspect which opens the door for psychology and Christianity to be integrated (Entwistle, 2004, p.249). He also states that when something occurs which is not explainable by science occurs then it can be termed as providence.

To further solidify the concept Entwistle tries explaining the five integration models. The book apparently concludes stating that Allies as an integrative model is the only model that is relevant and appropriate and supports it through the assertion of Francis Bacon that Christianity as a religion tends to make a discovery of the truth via the words of God which is the Bible whereas Psychology tends to make an attempt in discovering the truth via the work of God which is thw world we live in(Entwistle, 2004, p.258). The conclusion pours out the theme that was discussed in the beginning that All the truth that exists is the truth of the God (Entwistle, 2004, p.260).

Concrete Responses

If there is one subject that I personally believe should be mandated in schools, it has to be psychology. The learning of concepts in psychology and the implementation thereof to our daily lives can help us build healthy camaraderie amidst the environment and the people we live in. I have realized this over time that many a conflicts and rows can be ...
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