Brazil Vs Chile

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Brazil vs Chile

Brazil vs Chile



Primary education. Education is free and compulsory, and about four-fifths of the persons can read. The dropout rate is high, and it is approximated that 12,000 young children are homeless in Sao Paolo (Hecht, 1998) Secondary education. There is a good scheme of public schools. However, numerous young children join personal academies. Higher education. There are 29 colleges. However, there is a mind drain, since the scholars select school in England or America.


Chile's up to date learning scheme had its sources in the mid-19th century. Today, eight years of learning is free and compulsory for all young children between the ages of 6 and 14. The school scheme is administered by the nationwide government under the minister of education. The nationwide literacy rate of about 94 per hundred is one of the largest in Latin America.



Although 90 per hundred of the homeland is inside the tropical zone, the weather of Brazil varies substantially from the mostly tropical North (the equator crosses the mouth of the Amazon) to temperate zones underneath the Tropic of Capricorn (23°27' S latitude), which crosses the homeland at the latitude of the town of São Paulo. Brazil has five climatic regions--equatorial, tropical, semiarid, highland tropical, and subtropical. Precipitation grades alter widely.


Extending over 38 qualifications of latitude, from the tropics to the vecinity of Antarctica, and from ocean grade to altitudes of over 20,000 feet, Chile has a broad kind of climatic conditions. Extreme aridity prevails over the to the north part of the country; the mean annual rainfall in this district is 0.04 inches. Temperatures are moderate along the seaboard area all through the year and more farthest inland, particularly in the centered basin.

Social Organizations:


Workers are grouped simultaneously mainly in the Sole Group of Labor Unions (CUT), the General Confederation ...
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