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Contemporary Management: British Airways

Contemporary Management: British Airways


With the globalization it is the general concern for the organizations all over the world to maintain its better strategic plans and managerial skills in better planning. It is also considered as the proper system of maintaining the successful market share. It is only possible with the better structure and organizational planning(Berger, 2011). It is the reason for success and the major concern for all the big organizations. This depends on implementing the new business plan and strategies. Environmental factors also play a major role in contemporary management (Gaspar,2005, p.1). British Airways is one of the largest Airlines of UK. It mainly deals in operating the business functions of flight operations, engineering, providing customer services and different other important tasks. The mission statement of British Airways aims for providing the best Airline services and global networking. Most important features of this Airline deals with the low fare services and it also assist in booking of flights and providing solution for the accommodation problems (



British Airways have various national and international suppliers ( It deals with providing better work conditions for the management system. The terms with suppliers are on the basis of procuring goods and services on the basis of 'strategic sourcing process'. There are around 500 suppliers who deal with BA. British Airways also concerns for the corporate social responsibilities. This also deals with minimizing the risks associated with it (

British Airways SWOT Analysis

The strength of British Airways includes is the global operation and worldwide airline services. It deals in international business operations and it is mainly concerned with the opportunities to deal with the services all over the world. Weaknesses lie in the legal proceedings and other structure of company's profile. Opportunities consist of the strategic business plans and worldwide business activities. Threats are increase in the costs with low flight charges and increase in the market competition.

British Airways SWOT Analysis





Global operations


Increase in costs of fuel

Better management

Low charges

Legal proceedings

Low charges offered by other flights

Brand name and customer reliance

Brand Name

High costs

International market operations

International business operations and strategic planning

Major Challenges and Risks

According to the Annual Analysis of British Airways Major risks are deal with the better opportunities of providing business activities which are the most important concern for the business activities. Increase in the competition is the major challenge which creates problems ...
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