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For this study we have undertaken the account of British Airways. The carrier has been a favourite in the books of economic analysts and at the same time has had its own duration and understanding regarding all accounts of having the most profound forms of marketing strategy and improving their financial stability accordingly (Sadtler, 1997, 61-90). This paper shall help us identify and conclude exactly what amends have been made regarding the stability and rolling of British Airways and at the same time make effective use of the available resources for the purpose and objective of making close contact with current and potential customer clientele, leading to a more formal development of a reputable institution.

Objectives of the paper

The key points of discussion that shall be discussed in this paper include:

1.What are the competencies that characterize the aviation industry?

2.What core competencies distinguish your carrier from others in the industry?

3.How do these core competencies give your carrier a competitive advantage? If so How?

4.How does your carrier seek to add value to its products and services?

5.What internal and external factors might affect the ability of your airline to achieve its core competencies?

Let us briefly understand the pointers above in detail.

Competencies categorizing the Aviation Industry

The Aviation Industry has been one of the most innovative and influential industry that have been significantly flourishing throughout the industry. With the inception of the airplane put forth by the Wright brothers, there have been constant, continuous and iterated improvements, amendments, innovations and additions to the fast-paced and heightened development of the industry, creating its web all around the world (Thompson, 1997, 5-7).

PEST analysis

Political Factors

Operating in a globalized natural environment with stores around the globe, British Airways works effectively and efficiently around the globe for the purpose of making significant amends and contributions to the aviation industry as well. Today, British Airways is the largest airline and of the United Kingdom and one of the largest aviation service providers in Europe.

Economical Analysis

Economic components or of anxiety to British Airways, because they are expected to influence demand, charges, charges and profits. One of the most influential factors on the finances at British Airways is high job loss rate, which reduces the demand for many goods, adversely influencing the demand needed to intend services to it's current and potential customer clientele.

Social or Cultural Factors

Current tendencies show that customers of British Airways have moved in the direction of 'one-stop' and 'bulk' shopping, which is due to a variety of communal changes. Aviation has become a serious global phenomenon, affecting and afflicting all with it; the world's global carriers that we see today are solely responsible for the most Trans- and intercontinental passenger travelling transactions that take place every single around the world and at the same time being greatly responsible for 40% of all world trade transactions that we see today.

Legal Factors

The occurrence of mighty competitors with established emblems conceives a risk of intense price conflicts and strong obligations for product ...
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