British Colonies In America

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British Colonies in America

British Colonies in America


Economic and social development of British colonies in North America began with the stage already reached the metropolis. It is true that, for a century, the British authorities have made efforts to planting in America a large feudal estate. English kings were distributed close to their extensive lands, even the whole colony, complained of a specific charter to the right of establishment in the United States with dependent manor land holding and manorial courts. The early penetration of capitalism into the economy and the abundance of land, which became available for colonization as a result of displacement and destruction of the indigenous Indian population, are not allowed to develop feudal relations. American cities have never known and this guild system. Regulation of production emanating from the colonial power has not received a full character (Andrews, 1914).


Thirteen colonies were created at different times (from 1606 to 1733) (In 1733 formed the last of the thirteen colonies - Georgia.) And on different bases: as the settlement of religious communities (the Plymouth Colony in New England) as a settlement based trading companies (the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Virginia) as a colony, organized by individuals who obtained the charter from the king (Pennsylvania, Maryland). Economically and politically, they have long remained more connected with the mother country than another. The metropolis has used them to maintain their divisions of colonial rule.

Dependence on the metropolis that supported dissociation of the colonies was an obstacle to the formation of a single internal market. This situation is consistent with the interests of the British bourgeoisie was trying to complete domination in the U.S. market. Expulsion of British competitors from the United States market and the acquisition of economic independence was paramount to the young American bourgeoisie, while at the ...
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