British Military Involvement In Russian Civil War

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British Military Involvement in Russian Civil War

British military involvement in Russian Civil War

Title of Project

Involvement of British Military in Russian Civil War

Research Question

How did British Military advisers in the South of Russia perceive the development of the conflict and how did their reports influence or direct British foreign policy?

What were the developments of the conflicts?

How did the Russian Civil War started? What were the main factors behind the war?

What were the main points of British foreign policy prior to different changes in it?

Was there any other country that intervened in the Civil Russian War?

Historiography and Literature Review

The Russian Civil War 1918-1922 is a book by David Bullock in which he has described the whole history of the Russian Civil War. The book was published in the year 2008 and has greatly contributed in the history of Russia. The Russian Civil War continues to be one of the major events of national history. It left an unforgettable mark in the memory of the peoples of Russia; its effects are felt even today in the political, economic and spiritual spheres of our society. Theme of the Civil War occupies a special place in the historical and literature, brochures, articles, documentaries, publications, and feature films, theatre, television, art song.

Russian Civil War was due to the profound social, political, economic, ethnic and other contradictions of armed struggle for power between different groups and sectors of the country, held with the active intervention of foreign states and includes military operations of regular armies, rebellions, riots, guerrilla and subversive and terrorist actions. Currently, under the influence of publicists and especially the electronic media widely used in Russian society was the point of view that the civil war unleashed by Bolsheviks.

According to the author, the appropriate power have killed most humane king in the world, heightened confrontation in society and in the name of the approximation of the world revolution unleashed a fratricidal war. It seems more reasoned view of Lenin and the Bolsheviks, enshrined in numerous books and school textbooks of the Soviet period. Its essence is, in 1917 to power in Russia came to the workers and peasants. Bourgeoisie and the landlords put up with it did not. But the forces for any serious resistance to the Soviet authorities they did not have. Mutiny Krasnov, Kerensky, Kaledin on the Don and Dutova in the southern Urals have been easily and quickly suppressed. However, foreign governments have organized an open intervention, and assisted in internal counter.

The writer emphasizes the idea that the initiator and catalyst of the civil war in Russia was made by international imperialism. With this interpretation of the causes of the civil war that the people are familiar with, but it is one-sided, biased, and unscientific. But causes of war can not be reduced to the guilt at the beginning of any of the parties. Its historical background should be sought in the state of Russian ...
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