Bunker Books Online Transactions & Secure Payments: Proposal

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Bunker Books Online Transactions & Secure Payments: Proposal

Executive Summary

Bunker Books is an internet bookstore that provides book lovers with the opportunity to purchase rare, hard to find books online. The target market of the company comprises of the entire population of USA as well as people in other parts of the world but it has been identified that the real customers of the online bookstore are students and book lovers who use the website to trade material and buy/sell their old reading material. There are over 17 million book readers in the USA and they are the primary target of the company. Until now, the company was using its online presence and website to confirm the availability of books at their retail outlet but now, the company seeks to improve its online presence and to start online transactions in a safe and secure manner.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents3

Company Overview5




Keys to Success5

Current Management and Operations5




Proposed Questions6

Market Analysis7

Current Online Retail Bookstores7

Market Segmentation7

Target Market Segment (US Colleges and Universities)7

Market Competition8


Important Terms9

Proposed Methods to Make Online Transactions Secure For Customers10


Buyer Protection System10

Licensed Agreement10

Steps to make the online transactions secure10

Collection Options12


Company Overview


Bunker Books was founded in the year 2007 by Joe Johnson and Mary Johnson. Joe Johnson is the CEO of the business and Mary Johnson serves as the COO and CFO. The business operates mainly out of a retail store that the couple operates at 04, Kidman Street, Chicago 142, USA. Additionally, the company has a website that it uses to confirm the availability of rare and exotic books.


Bunker Book's mission is to present book readers with a priceless and exclusive source for reading material and services. To achieve this mission, Bunker Books commits itself to the below mentioned philosophy:

The most important thing is the product and service

The customers are the employers of the business

We don't believe in being greedy

Keep the employees happy at all times


Bunker Books is a 'Limited Liability Sole Ownership Company' that is owned solely by the founder, Joe Johnson. It is operated by Joe and his wife Mary.

Aims and Objectives of the proposal

The primary aim of this proposal is to study the feasibility of online transactions for Bunker Books and how the company can deploy online transaction methods which are safe and secure. The customers of the company should feel safe and secure enough to make a purchase online. The aim of this proposal is to suggest methods to offer customers with the ease of safe online transactions. Additionally, this proposal also analyses the current operations of the company so that areas of improvement can be identified and the company shall know what areas need to be aligned with the online transactions. Further in this paper, methods to provide secure transactions, collection options and security measures shall be discussed in detail.

Keys to Success

Till now, the key to success for the business has been identified as the delivery of quality reading material to customers, coupled with exceptional customer service. Trends are changing and companies are now shifting their focus to online phenomena ...
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