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When as a matter of fact financial crises tok place in numerous countries at the same timey, there were three main as well as some possible explanations which are; there must be a coincidence of some unusual as well as unrelated events in different regions. As a matter of fact every region is not same and this is one of the main as well as possible reason that why issues occurss in different regions. Here we can take one of the main example that when two or more people live together their way of living and feeling is different from one another and this is the only reason that why different regions are different from one another. Another reason is that the common as well as an unusual shock that is related to some economies across the regions. As a matter of fact if there are few differences in different regions then there are few common issues as well and eventually it lead towards unusual outcomes as well. Therefore it is one of an important issue and this should never be ignored a swell. Last but not the least a well known contagion that actually spreads or is diburssed from one region to another. This is something which is very much important and the reason that why every nation or region is different. People as a matter of fact are of different natures and this eventually lead towards a different nation as well. These above mentioned explanations are not termed to be mutually exclusive and this is the reason that why problems occurs. This is thus one of the main reason that whya d how a financial crisis is actually generated when it do have all the above mentioned three basic elements as well (No name, 2008).


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