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Business in Canada

Business in Canada

History of Canada

Canada is North America between the Atlantic and eastern Pacific, located in the west to the northern tips of the Arctic, and it the only land border in the south and north-western United States. The second largest industry in Canada, the world's terms, but only in the south, the City group. First Nations Inuit (Aboriginal) from India has launched at least 12,000 years before the agreement, after the Inuit 5,000 years ago. The late 15th century from Europe to land on the East Coast and began to settle in 1600. These details are first established in French and English.

During this time, he is actually a name "Canada" is the name of creating an Iroquois village. 1763 France came from the British colony of France. Canada, in 1867, four British colonies were incorporated. Westminster, according to the law, the law made in 1931, the independence of the constitutional relationship between the UK Government in 1982 by Elizabeth and the other countries, nominal head of Queen Elizabeth II, has been canceled, governor of the Director-General representative.

Country's two official languages were English and French and the Desire for independence in Quebec, Canada, the rights of French-speaking Canadians and social contradiction is the central line of the local people. Climate change and environmental protection, immigration policy and rely on things as the financial crisis and the relationship between culture and history mixed entangled southern neighbors, there is a symbol of a public debate. (Doherty, 2008)

Tradition & Customs

Canada will maintain many different traditions, resulting primarily from the different countries of origin of many immigrants. The first inhabitants were Indians and Eskimos of Canada, representing their share is still about two percent of the population. Later came immigrants from various European countries and added in some Asian countries.

In public buildings and transport, smoking is strictly prohibited. In public discussions should avoid much to compare with the Canadians and Americans to broach sensitive, political issues. These "forbidden topics" include the natives or the most delicate environmental policy. When invited to parties, one should not forget to bring along a small gift as a thank you for the invitation. During dinner conversations about business issues are taboo.


In the work area: In most jobs rarely a complete suit and tie for men or very tasteful clothing for women is needed. Clean well maintained, "Golf Etiquette" is always right, casual and elegant is good. "Clothes make the man" is not always true in Canada and one must be a newcomer to the employment climate "empathy". Convenience and a pleasant counterpart are more important and far more effective than most elegant dress and appearance to want to make an impression. This can often cause exactly the opposite.

In the household: In most householders it is a bid to take off near the entrance (or often at the front door already) the shoes. This should happen automatically. Only in very rare cases, specify the property owners that the guest ...
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