Business Information System

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Business Information System

Business Information System


The aim of this paper is to analyze a case study for a private or public sector organisation and recommend appropriate Business information System to enhance their business process. To better understand the business process of the selected organization it is important that actual information and research is carried out. This paper will present impact of business information system (BIS) within “The Lloyds TSB, UK. The paper presents a brief overview of the organization, the business information system being used, the effectiveness of the system and recommendations for improvement of the information system currently in practice. Definitions of key concepts, including the Information System, the SI, that are part of the computer are also presented the five components of SI: the machine component, software, data, procedures, and then the men are being given particular emphasis at each stage.

Formalization and regulation of business processes today are a key factor in the success of any commercial bank. Different banks are in various stages of formalizing their business processes. Some are just beginning to engage in this activity, while others have already accumulated a large base of process. But it should be noted that the draft description of the business processes are not "disposable" and are iterative in nature, so it is important to have on hand a process of structuring techniques, which will be discussed in this paper.

Company Background

Lloyds TSB Group plc is one of the Big Four British clearing banks in the UK. It has almost 3,000 branches throughout the UK, 500 offices in 47 countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and Egypt. Lloyds is the 4th largest bank in financial services and products and in developing an international presence. Most recently, precisely January 2009, Lloyds TSB acquired HBOS and is now known as Lloyds Banking Group. There was strong growth on both sides of the balance sheet and at both banking affiliates. The success that it enjoyed in the past year is directly attributable to the use of its information systems in line with the changing needs of its customers. Lloyds deals in personal banking, investment banking and business banking, with online banking as a facility common to all of its services.

Business Process of Lloyds TSB

This paper describes a model of quality management system (QMS), the Lloyds architecture, processes and operations, documents and other components. Proceedings articles can be used as the authorities of the Lloyds for the purpose of improving the quality of banking. Lloyds have different approaches to solving the problems of security and improving the quality of their work and customer satisfaction. At the level of a bank's pretty clear. Quality Management System (QMS), the banking industry, as well as Lloyds bank QMS; based on the same principles, that is, have its own architecture, processes, and procedures governing documents, and other components. If there is a quality management system of an individual bank, then we can talk about creating a quality management system of the ...
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