Business Leadership Communication

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Business Leadership Communication

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Literature Review3

Communication and Leadership Connection4

Definition of Leadership Communication5

Process of Effective Leadership Communication5

Leadership Communication in Apple Corporation6

Analysis and Recommendations for Apple Corporation7



Business Leadership Communication


Leaders are meant to guide, support, and motivate employees towards achieving the higher organizational goals. In order to lead effectively, leaders need to have sound understanding of communication importance. Effective communication holds immense importance in efficient leadership. As the Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems, states that the core competency of any business is communication and it starts with the CEO ( Thus, effective communication starts with the CEO, who is the top most leader of the organization; it emphasizes the importance of leadership communication.

Success of a business leader lies with the clear communication. Therefore, to grow as a great leader and move ahead, leaders should understand how to become effective and compelling. And if leader wants his organizational suucess, he and his team must foster the art of clear communication together (Froscheiser, 2012). Leadership communication needs all the skills included in communication, and overcome the barriers to develop and convey the messages in order to command, motivate, and inspire others (Barrett, 2006). Thus, effective leadership communication is crucial for any organization's success.


Literature Review

A successful leader is the one who communicates effectively. According to the research, all CEOs and other senior managers says 'good communication skills' are the vital part that managers should posses, according to them it is the most important skill (Barrett, 2006). Studies show the managers spend major part of their time in communicating, in fact seventy to ninety percent of their day is occupied by communication. It shows that communication holds immense importance for leaders (Barrett, 2006). Thus, effective leadership skills must be possessed by managers if they want the organization or the community to consider them best leaders.

Communication and Leadership Connection

Generally, leaders are said to be those who guide, direct, motivate, and inspire others. Leaders influence other employees of the organization, or sometimes even outside the organization. They command their followers towards the successful goals of the organization. They are the one who improve the performance of their followers and bring success in organization with them. All these effective measures can be done through effective communication. Efficient communication enables and fosters the understanding and develops trust that is necessary to lead the employees effectively. Without effective communication a manger cannot be a good leader and can accomplish just a little (Barrett, 2006).

Elizabeth 1 CEO, Alen Axelrod, says communication is the foundation of an effective leadership (Barrett, 2006). Similarly, president and CEO of Map Consulting (MAP), Lee Froschheiser, emphasizes on leadership communication and pointed out that regardless of which type of business or is it politics, military or sport we talk about, the successful leaders are always those who are best communicators (Froschheiser, 2012). The leaders, who are good communicators as well, have clear and solid values, and they promote these values through their communication. Their followers understand them, admire them, and efficiently follow them (Frischheiser, ...
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