Business Management Process

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Business Management Process

The Business Management Process


The Saudi Company for Hardware is the largest total-solution improvement superstore in Saudi Arabia. It is the pioneer in the wholesale and hardware retail business. The Saudi Company for Hardware was established in 1985. Throughout Saudi Arabia, The Saudi Company for Hardware is the most innovative company in its field. It is an authorized dealer for the Ace Hardware. The Saudi Company for Hardware carries the buying power to import the best quality merchandise. The Saudi Company for Hardware has twenty retail outlets throughout Saudi Arabia in twelve cities (Rivard, 2007). The Saudi Company for Hardware has thirteen specialized departments with over forty five thousand different products. The human resource of The Saudi Company for Hardware comprises of experienced salespeople. The famous brands of The Saudi Company for Hardware are, Akai, Braun, Honeywell, Hitachi, Kenwood, Moulinex, Panasonic, Philips, Cannon, Siemens and etc. The business process management is a holistic management approach. It is a business process that reflects the necessary requirements of the clients. Through business process management, an organization could strive for innovation, integration with technology and flexibility by promoting its efficiency and effectiveness (Dustdar & Fiadeiro, 2006). It is also known ad process optimization process. The enterprise resource planning systems integrate external and internal information of management through the entire organization. The key areas covered by an enterprise resource planning system are customer relationship management, finance, sales, accounts, manufacturing, etc. The Enterprise Resource Planning system works through an integrated software application (O'Leary, 2000). The purpose of Enterprise Resource Planning system is to smooth the progress of the cycle of information between the business functions within the organization. An organization can gain significant advantages and achieve its goals through the combination between the business process and the Enterprise Resource Planning (Magal & Word, 2012). The Enterprise Resource Planning system combines all the business operations of an organization into a cohesive environment.


The SAP (Systems Applications and Products)

Systems Applications and Products are the market leader of software-related services and enterprise software. Systems Applications and Products authorize organizations and its people to work together with greater efficiency. It enables the use of business insight effectively (Missbach & Hoffmann, 2001). The products of the system allow organizations to track business and customers interactions.

The Three Key Processes

The Procurement Process

An acquisition of goods and services at the best possible cost is procurement. It is a process to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of location, quality and quantity (Weele, 2010). In modern business, the procurement life cycle consist of eight steps: supplier contact, information gathering, negotiation, background review, renewal, consumption, disposal, maintenance and fulfillment.

The Fulfillment Process

The fulfillment process comprises of a complete process starting from point of sales to the delivery of product to the customer. At time, order fulfillment is also described as the act of distribution or the logistics function. It is the way the customer orders are being responded by the firms (Sehgal, 2009). The fulfillment process comprises of the steps starting from product inquiry, ...
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