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Business Organisation and Behaviour

Leadership Styles and Theories at two Prisons

The HM Prison High Down, Sutton, Surrey and the prison island of Bastoy, Norway has similar leadership, which has brought innovation in the concept of prison and its tradition. The warden, Arne Nilsen at prison island of Bastoy and the chef Alberto "Al" Crisci, the prison's chief catering manager at the Clink restaurant at HM prison are the perfect example of visionary leaders in the sustainable environment. A visionary leadership style works well in an organization or work situation that requires change or transformation. The leader projects a vision of the future for the group and leads workers toward that goal. This type of leader must have the skills to communicate a vision for the group, sets a good example and has integrity. Visionary leaders offer praise and encouragement to motivate the group to work toward the goal.

A Visionary leader goes beyond the role of Team Manager to embrace and champion change. They assist their employees to self actualize by facilitating the synergy of meaning and performance - in other words, these leaders motivate their followers toward their personal highest intent and their highest and best levels of accomplishment. Visionary people can visualize things easily. When you talk to visionary leaders, you can recognize them from the rest of the crowd because of their imagination. Visionaries can imagine future possibilities in their minds and then explain what they have imagined clearly. They imagine things that others cannot imagine. Through their imagination, they can draw future possibilities for their organization. The vision of the Clink restaurant and the training of the prisoners is clearly a vision of a charismatic leader, which is an out of box thing and not every person can think like that.

Visionaries are also recognized by their ability to see the big picture. In a group of people, visionary ones talk about the big picture and how various factors link together to create that picture. They see the whole process and not a single step. Since visionary leaders are big-picture oriented, they are not attached. They are not worried about why this happened and why that did not happen. They enjoy the whole process. They are patient. They see all the links in the big picture and therefore, they do not blame others. As in the case of the world's most liberal prison the island ...
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